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Jake Oulton is an up-and-coming Canadian singer-songwriter. His love for music enables him to write relatable and authentic songs that aren’t bound to genre, race, culture or background. Blending country, rock, and hip-hop into a smooth cocktail of euphoric music, Jake, a multi-talented musician, is ready to share his talent with the world.


Jake is inspired by hard work and people striving to be the best version of themselves; people living their best life. As a young artist, Jake practices what he preaches by pushing himself to achieve the best version of himself. Growing up farming, Jake learnt diligence along with a few Johnny Cash’s lyrics. Throughout the last year, he has written an impressive 140+ songs, which have the artist’s charm and honesty distilled in them. Jake’s music is instantly recognizable, fun and engaging; at the same time, it doesn’t lack in sophistication which allows him to reach an even larger audience.


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